Emigrating to Mallorca: Healthcare System & Health Insurance Policies

Are you planning to move to Mallorca? In this article, you’ll discover all the essential information about the healthcare system and health insurance options on the popular Spanish island. Whether you’re covered by statutory or private insurance, we’ll provide you with an overview of what you need to consider to be secured in case of illness.

Key Insights:

  • Mallorca’s healthcare system has differences compared to the German system.
  • There are both statutory and private health insurance options available in Mallorca.
  • The medical care is good, with organized emergency services.
  • Doctor’s visits may incur costs.
  • The healthcare in daily life offers various services.

The Healthcare System in Mallorca Compared to Germany

Learn how the healthcare system in Mallorca differs from that in Germany and what unique features it has.

Mallorca and Germany both have a well-organized healthcare system, but there are some differences to be aware of. Here are some key points you should know:

  1. In Germany, there is a comprehensive statutory health insurance system covering most citizens. In contrast, Mallorca has a mixed system of statutory and private health insurance.
  2. The waiting times for doctor appointments and treatments tend to be shorter in Mallorca than in Germany.
  3. The medical staff in Mallorca generally speaks multiple languages, including German and English, to facilitate communication with international patients.
  4. The costs for medical treatments and medications are often lower in Mallorca than in Germany.

Another important aspect is the pharmacy system. In Mallorca, there are many pharmacies offering a wide range of medications.

The difference in the healthcare system between Mallorca and Germany lies in the type of health insurance and the costs for medical treatments. While Germany has a comprehensive statutory system covering most people, Mallorca offers a greater variety of insurance options and lower costs.

How does moving to Spain affect your health insurance? Important information for expatriates

When you move your residence to Spain, coverage by German statutory health insurance typically ends. However, individuals with private health insurance may continue their coverage in Spain. Special provisions exist for retirees. If you plan to spend your retirement permanently in Spain (meaning, you spend more than 183 days per year there), it is advisable to register at your Spanish place of residence to gain access to the Spanish healthcare system’s services.

For stays in Spain lasting less than 183 days per year, the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) along with an additional private travel health insurance provides sufficient protection.

Statutory Health Insurance in Mallorca

In Spain, including Mallorca, statutory health insurance (Seguridad Social) offers comprehensive protection and access to a variety of medical services. These include medical treatments, costs for medications (with co-payments), hospital stays, preventive check-ups, and necessary rehabilitation measures.

To be integrated into the Spanish public healthcare system, however, you must either work in Spain and pay social security contributions or meet certain conditions that grant you access as a retiree or non-working resident. It is important to inform yourself about these conditions before emigrating, as not everyone automatically qualifies for the public healthcare system.

Private Health Insurance in Mallorca

Private health insurance can be a valuable addition or alternative to statutory health insurance, especially if you desire faster access to specialists, a wider choice of medical facilities, or services beyond the public system, such as alternative treatment methods.

With private health insurance, you can directly consult specialists and often benefit from shorter waiting times and additional services. However, it’s important to note that rates and the scope of services of private health insurances can vary greatly. Comparing offers and consulting with an insurance expert is therefore advisable to find the coverage that best suits your needs and life situation.


The choice between statutory and private health insurance in Mallorca depends on your individual situation, needs, and preferences. Regardless of the type of insurance you choose, it is important to seek comprehensive information and advice to ensure you are well protected in case of illness.

Medical Care in Mallorca

In Mallorca, you can expect high-quality medical care that meets international standards. The island is well-equipped with modern hospitals and medical facilities to assist you with health issues.

Hospitals in Mallorca offer a wide range of medical specialties, including general medicine, surgery, gynecology, cardiology, and many more. They are equipped with the latest technology and advanced medical devices to ensure comprehensive diagnosis and treatment.

In addition to hospitals, Mallorca also has a variety of general practitioners, specialists, and experts. They provide comprehensive medical care in various specialties. You can easily make appointments and benefit from the doctors’ expertise.

Medication Supply

The supply of medications in Mallorca is well ensured. Pharmacies are available in both the cities and rural areas. There, you can get all common medications, both prescription and over-the-counter.

It is advisable to bring a travel pharmacy with you to Mallorca that covers your personal needs. This way, you are well prepared in case of minor ailments.

Emergency Care in Mallorca

Learn how emergency care is organized in Mallorca and what you should pay attention to in an emergency.

Emergency care in Mallorca is well organized and ensures quick and qualified medical help in emergencies. In urgent cases, you should dial the emergency number 112 to alert the rescue service. It is advisable to have basic medical information such as allergies and chronic conditions ready to provide important information to the medical professionals.

For more severe emergencies, there are well-equipped hospitals in Mallorca that are accessible around the clock. It is advisable to research in advance and know the nearest hospitals so you can react quickly in an emergency.

For minor injuries or health complaints, you can contact the emergency medical service (Servicio de Urgencias) nearby. There, you will be treated by qualified doctors. It is important to note that in such cases, a co-payment may be required. Inform yourself in advance about the exact costs and payment modalities.

A tip: Always follow the current travel and safety advice from the Foreign Office and inquire about the applicable regulations in case of medical emergencies in Mallorca.

Doctor Visits in Mallorca

If you are moving to Mallorca, it’s important to inform yourself about doctor visits and the associated procedures. Here are some useful tips to help you prepare for your doctor visits.

Appointment Scheduling

To schedule a doctor’s appointment in Mallorca, you can proceed either by phone or online. Many medical practices have online booking systems, making it easy and convenient for you to find an appointment that suits your needs. However, be aware that some practices may only offer online booking in Spanish.

If you’re scheduling an appointment by phone, having basic Spanish skills can be helpful to make yourself understood. Alternatively, you can use a medical translation app to explain your concerns.

Costs and Health Insurance

The costs for doctor visits in Mallorca can vary depending on the type of treatment and your health insurance. If you have statutory health insurance, you should check your insurance conditions to ensure that doctor visits are included in your insurance package.

With private health insurance, you should also check which services are covered by your insurance and whether you may need to pay a deductible or additional costs.

Recommendations and Reviews

Reading recommendations and reviews from other patients can be helpful to find a suitable doctor in Mallorca. You can look for experience reports on the internet or ask expats and locals for personal recommendations.

Tip: Ask for recommendations for doctors in Mallorca on social networks or forums. The experiences of other people can help you choose suitable medical care.

It is also advisable to consult your current doctor before moving to Mallorca. They may be able to recommend a doctor or clinic in Mallorca and provide important medical information.

Emergency Care

If you need urgent medical care, you should dial the emergency number 112. The medical emergency care in Mallorca is well organized, and you will be taken care of by qualified professionals.

It’s also advisable to know the address of the nearest hospital in your area in case you need to be taken there in an emergency.

  • Remember the emergency number: 112.
  • Find out about the nearest hospital in your area.
  • Keep important medical information handy in case of emergencies.


By informing yourself in advance about doctor visits in Mallorca and preparing well, you can make your healthcare experience smooth and stress-free.

Everyday Healthcare in Mallorca

Learn how healthcare works in everyday life in Mallorca and what services are available to you.

Healthcare in Mallorca offers you a wide range of medical services to ensure your health on a daily basis. Whether you need a routine check-up or are facing health issues, you can rely on a well-developed healthcare system.

A key component of healthcare in Mallorca are the health centers. Here, you can receive medical advice, medical examinations, and necessary treatments. The health centers provide top-notch care and are generally easily accessible, even in rural areas.

Healthcare in Mallorca is of high quality, and you can rely on being appropriately treated when you need medical assistance.

Another advantage of healthcare in Mallorca is the availability of pharmacies. As mentioned earlier, pharmacies can be found in nearly every town and municipality, where you can purchase your medications. Pharmacies also offer advice on medications and health issues and are an important resource for your medical needs.

To ensure healthcare in everyday life in Mallorca, it is advisable to have health insurance. Private health insurance can offer you additional protection and ensure that you have access to the best medical facilities and treatments. Inform yourself about your insurance options and choose the one that best suits your needs.

More Information on Healthcare in Mallorca:

  • Emergency care: Learn how emergency care is organized in Mallorca and what you need to be aware of in case of an emergency.
  • Doctor visits: Get information on doctor visits in Mallorca, how to schedule appointments, and what costs may be incurred.


Healthcare in Mallorca ensures that you can take care of your health as best as possible in everyday life. Whether it’s a medical examination, a routine treatment, or an emergency situation, you can trust in a high-quality healthcare service.


If you’re considering emigrating to Mallorca, it’s important to inform yourself about the local healthcare system and health insurance options.

The healthcare system in Mallorca differs from that in Germany. While Germany has a comprehensive statutory health insurance system, in Mallorca, you must either contribute to the statutory health insurance or opt for private insurance.

Statutory health insurance provides you with basic medical care, while private health insurance offers additional services and extended coverage.

The medical care in Mallorca is of high quality, with modern hospitals and competent doctors. In emergencies, there is a well-organized system for immediate care. For doctor’s appointments, you should schedule in advance and sometimes also expect to incur costs.

Overall, the healthcare system in Mallorca is well-established, both for everyday situations and emergencies. It’s important to inform yourself about the different insurance options and choose the one that best suits your needs.


How does the healthcare system in Mallorca differ from Germany?

The healthcare system in Mallorca differs in several aspects from that in Germany. In Mallorca, there are both public and private hospitals and doctors. The waiting times for appointments are usually shorter than in Germany. Another difference is that the healthcare system in Mallorca primarily operates on a self-pay basis, while in Germany, statutory health insurance plays the main role.

How does the statutory health insurance work in Mallorca?

Mallorca has a public health system that is recognized by statutory health insurance in Germany. As a statutory insured individual, you are entitled to medical care in public hospitals and by registered doctors in Mallorca. You need a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) to access these services.

How does private health insurance work in Mallorca?

Private health insurance in Mallorca offers you additional services and a wider range of treatments than statutory health insurance. You can freely choose which doctor or hospital you go to, and you usually experience shorter waiting times. The costs for private health insurance can vary depending on the plan and are generally borne by the individual.

How is medical care organized in Mallorca?

Medical care in Mallorca is well-developed. There are both public and private hospitals that offer a diverse range of medical care. The doctors in Mallorca are well-trained and can assist in many medical specialties. There are also German doctors practicing in Mallorca who speak German.

How is emergency care organized in Mallorca?

Emergency care in Mallorca is well organized. In an emergency, you can either call the emergency number 112 or go directly to the nearest hospital. The emergency medical services in Mallorca are available 24/7 and provide quick and professional assistance in emergencies.

How do I schedule doctor’s appointments in Mallorca?

To schedule a doctor’s appointment in Mallorca, you can either make an appointment by phone or visit the practice in person. It is advisable to inquire about the doctor’s language skills in advance and, if necessary, bring an interpreter. The costs for doctor’s visits can vary depending on the type of insurance and the scope of services.

How does everyday healthcare work in Mallorca?

Everyday healthcare in Mallorca is similar to that in other countries. You can visit a doctor for health complaints or go to the pharmacy to get medications. There are also hospital emergency rooms where you can get treated for acute illnesses. It is important to always have your insurance documents handy to ensure you receive the correct medical care.


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