Complete Property Guide Mallorca 2024: Discover Your Dream Home in the Southwest, North, East, South, Center, and West

Complete Mallorca Property Guide 2024: Identify your ideal real estate location. Essential insights into Mallorca’s diverse regions for finding your dream property on the island. Where should I buy a property in Mallorca? Which area of the island best suits my needs?



Discover the Diverse Real Estate of Mallorca

Mallorca, the jewel of the Mediterranean, is not only a dream destination for holidaymakers but also a coveted location for real estate buyers from around the world. With its stunning natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and unparalleled lifestyle, this island offers a variety of property options to meet every demand.

From glamorous marinas and luxurious villas in the Southwest to serene, rustic fincas in the heart of the island – Mallorca presents a unique blend of modern comfort and traditional beauty. Whether you’re looking for an idyllic seaside retreat, a lively cosmopolitan atmosphere, or an authentic rural experience, Mallorca has something for every taste.

In this comprehensive guide, we take you on a journey through Mallorca’s various regions. Each area has its own charm and character, reflected in the properties available. We explore popular hotspots for luxury real estate as well as the island’s hidden gems that often remain undiscovered.

Join us to discover what makes Mallorca one of Europe’s most sought-after real estate markets. From the bustling Palma to the tranquil beaches of Alcúdia, we’ll show you where to find your dream property in Mallorca


Southwest Mallorca: Luxury and Lifestyle

Southwest Mallorca: A Synonym for Luxury and Elegance

Southwest Mallorca is a region synonymous with luxury, elegance, and exclusive living. This part of the island, with its glamorous lifestyle, top-tier amenities, and breathtaking properties, attracts buyers from around the world.


Palma Cathedral: Mallorca’s Iconic Landmark



Cosmopolitan Elegance
Palma, the vibrant capital of Mallorca, is the heart of the southwestern real estate market. Blending historic architecture with modern design, Palma offers a wide array of luxury properties, from renovated old town palaces to stunning penthouses overlooking the La Seu Cathedral. Palma uniquely combines urban chic with Mediterranean flair.

Son Vida:

Exclusive Living and a Golfer’s Paradise
Often referred to as Mallorca’s “Beverly Hills,” Son Vida is renowned not only for its luxurious villas and breathtaking views of Palma and the sea but also as a premier destination for golf enthusiasts. With its prestigious Golf Son Vida course, this exclusive area offers a perfect blend of upscale living and high-quality golfing experiences. The gated community ensures utmost privacy and security, making it a sought-after location for discerning buyers.


Traditional Elegance with City Access
Genova, a charming village on the outskirts of Palma, is known for its traditional Mallorcan houses and tranquil atmosphere. Despite its proximity to the capital, Genova offers an idyllic and traditional lifestyle, perfect for those seeking peace but wanting city amenities within reach.

Portals and Costa den Blanes:

Glamour Meets Sea Views
Portals Nous, often simply called Portals, is famous for its prestigious Puerto Portals marina, attracting a wealthy crowd with exquisite restaurants and designer boutiques. Costa den Blanes, just minutes from Portals, offers stunning villas overlooking the Mediterranean and is a quieter, yet equally exclusive, alternative.

Cala Vinyes:

Beach Proximity and Family-Friendly
Cala Vinyes, a quiet and picturesque area near Magaluf, is known for its beautiful beaches and family-friendly atmosphere. The region offers a selection of modern villas and apartments, ideal for those seeking a relaxed seaside lifestyle.

Santa Ponsa:

Family-Friendly Luxury
Another hotspot in the southwest, Santa Ponsa is known for its family-friendly vibe and beautiful beaches. The area boasts an impressive array of high-quality villas and modern apartment complexes, ideal for families and golf enthusiasts. With excellent schools, sports facilities, and a vibrant expat community, Santa Ponsa is an ideal place for those seeking a peaceful yet sophisticated lifestyle.

Port d’Andratx:

The Epitome of Luxury
Known for its picturesque harbor and surrounding hills dotted with spectacular villas, Port d’Andratx is a true gem in Southwest Mallorca. Here you’ll find some of the island’s most exclusive properties, from modern architectural wonders to charming Mediterranean fincas, all with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean. The area is also famous for its upscale dining and stylish boutiques, making it a hotspot for the elite.

Southwest Mallorca offers an unparalleled combination of luxury, culture, and natural beauty. Whether you’re seeking a stunning villa with sea views or a stylish townhouse, this region has your dream home.


The North: Rustic Charm and Natural Beauty

The North of Mallorca captivates with its diverse landscape, stretching from the coast to the inland. The region offers everything from historical towns to idyllic beaches and is ideal for those wanting to experience authentic Mallorca.


Playa de Muro
Famous Pier of the Beach “Playa de Muro” in Alcudia



Historic Heart and Beach Pleasure
Alcúdia is famed for its well-preserved medieval town wall and charming old town. The beach at Port d’Alcúdia is a family magnet, offering a variety of cafes and restaurants, along with a range of properties, from modern apartments to luxurious beachfront villas.

Pollença and Port de Pollença:

Cultural Center and Maritime Joy
In Pollença and its port, Port de Pollença, culture, history, and modern amenities merge. These areas are particularly attractive to buyers seeking a blend of traditional charm with access to beaches and marinas.

Bonaire and Mal Pas:

Exclusivity and Sea Views
The residential areas of Bonaire and Mal Pas are known for their luxurious villas with stunning sea views. These areas offer tranquility and seclusion, perfect for buyers seeking privacy and exclusivity.

Can Picafort:

Vibrant Coastal Town
Can Picafort has evolved from a quiet fishing village into a lively seaside resort. The area is ideal for buyers who appreciate dynamic coastal living and direct beach access.

Cala San Vicente:

Natural Beauty and Relaxation
The small coves and tranquil beaches of Cala San Vicente offer a peaceful retreat. The area is ideal for those seeking a quiet, nature-connected life near the beach.

Muro and Playa de Muro:

Authentic Village Atmosphere and Beach Paradise
Muro, located inland, provides an authentic Mallorcan village atmosphere, while nearby Playa de Muro, with its long, fine sandy beach, is a popular destination for beach lovers. The region offers a variety of properties, from traditional fincas to modern beach houses.


Traditional Mallorca with a Modern Twist
Artà, in the northeast of the island, combines traditional Mallorcan architecture with contemporary comfort. The town is known for its historical landmarks, art galleries, and proximity to some of Mallorca’s most beautiful beaches. Properties in Artà range from authentic village houses to modern villas on the outskirts.

The North of Mallorca is a region of contrasts, encompassing both vibrant coastal towns and peaceful rural areas. With its variety of property options, it offers something special for every buyer, from beachfront apartments to quiet rural retreats.


The East: Relaxed Atmosphere and Idyllic Coves

The East of Mallorca is renowned for its relaxed atmosphere, picturesque coves, and beautiful sandy beaches. This region is ideal for those seeking the tranquility and beauty of the island away from the busy tourist centers.

Cala d’Or:

Elegant Coves and Exclusive Living
Cala d’Or, with its characteristic white buildings and numerous small coves, epitomizes stylish living near the sea. The area offers a selection of modern apartments and luxurious villas, ideal for lovers of maritime flair.

Cala Millor and Cala Bona:

Vibrant Beaches and Diverse Properties
Cala Millor boasts a long, lively beach and an attractive promenade, while the neighboring Cala Bona offers a quieter charm. Both areas are ideal for families and offer a wide range of properties, from cozy apartments to spacious houses.

Porto Cristo:

Picturesque Harbor and Cultural Attractions
Porto Cristo, known for its natural harbor and the Dragon Caves, retains a traditional Mallorcan charm. The residential area offers a mix of historic houses and modern villas.

S’Illot and Sa Coma:

Tranquil Communities and Nature-Close Living
S’Illot and Sa Coma are known for their quiet beaches and proximity to nature. These towns offer a relaxed living atmosphere, ideal for those seeking a closer connection to nature and a peaceful environment.

Manacor and Sant Llorenç des Cardassar:

Traditional Life and Rural Charm
Manacor, Mallorca’s third-largest city, is known for its pearl factories and furniture industry. Sant Llorenç des Cardassar offers an authentic Mallorcan village life. Both places provide a selection of traditional and modern properties, ideal for those wanting to experience authentic Mallorca.

The East of Mallorca offers a fascinating mix of coastal charm and rural life. With its variety of properties, from modern beach apartments to traditional village houses, it is an attractive destination for diverse groups of buyers.


platja de moro Mallorca Spain
Platja de Moro, Mallorca: A Slice of Paradise


The South: Diversity and Accessibility

The South of Mallorca is a diverse region, ranging from charming coastal towns to pristine natural areas. This area offers a mix of accessibility and cultural diversity.


Cala pi
Cala Pi: Mallorca’s Coastal Haven Near Llucmajor and Campos


Colònia de Sant Jordi:

Relaxation by the Sea
Colònia de Sant Jordi, a peaceful coastal town, is characterized by its relaxed atmosphere. Here, you’ll find a selection of beach apartments and villas, perfect for sun worshippers and water sports enthusiasts.


Artistic Ambiance and Historic Heritage
Santanyí is known for its artistic scene and historic heritage. The town offers unique property options, from restored townhouses to modern country fincas.


Authentic Village Life and Modern Amenities
Llucmajor combines authentic Mallorcan village life with modern amenities. The area offers a variety of properties, from traditional village houses to spacious villas.


Nature Proximity and Rural Charm
Surrounded by untouched nature, Campos offers rural charm. Here, you’ll find a selection of country fincas and modern country houses.

Es Trenc:

Paradisiacal Beach and Coastal Apartments
Es Trenc is famous for its paradisiacal beach and turquoise waters. The area offers some of the most coveted coastal apartments and villas in Mallorca.

Felanitx and Portocolom:

Vineyards and Picturesque Coves
Felanitx is known for its vineyards and the picturesque town. Portocolom, with its natural harbor, offers a charming maritime lifestyle. Both places offer a variety of properties, from traditional houses to modern coastal residences.

Ses Salines and Colònia Sant Jordi:

Nature Reserves and Beaches
Ses Salines is famous for its nature reserve and salt fields. Colònia Sant Jordi boasts some of the island’s most beautiful beaches. These places attract nature and beach lovers alike and offer a selection of properties, from country houses to seaside apartments.

The South of Mallorca is distinguished by its cultural diversity and scenic beauty. With a wide range of property options, from historic townhouses to modern beach apartments, this region offers ideal opportunities for property buyers.


The Center: Authentic Experiences and Rural Tranquility for Property Buyers

The center of Mallorca is an oasis of tranquility, offering authentic insights into the island’s rural life. Here, you will find traditional villages, a relaxed atmosphere, and rich cultural diversity.

Santa Maria del Camí:

Wine and Tradition
Santa Maria del Camí is renowned for its wine production and traditional Mallorcan ambiance. The town offers a range of properties, from restored townhouses to rural fincas, ideal for property buyers with a penchant for wine and tradition.


Leather Goods and Craftsmanship
Inca, the heart of Mallorca’s leather industry, also boasts a rich tradition of craftsmanship. The town offers traditional townhouses and modern property options, perfect for property buyers who appreciate craftsmanship and high-quality products.

Sencelles and Algaida:

Rural Idyll and Proximity to Nature
Sencelles and Algaida are rural communities known for their natural surroundings and tranquility. These places offer a range of rural fincas and modern country houses, meeting the needs of property buyers seeking peace and nature.


Wine Culture and Historic Heritage
Binissalem, a center of Mallorcan wine culture, offers historic townhouses and modern properties for wine lovers who appreciate the combination of wine tastings and historic heritage.

Lloseta and Selva:

Mountain Villages and Hiking Paradise
Lloseta and Selva are charming mountain villages appreciated by hikers and nature lovers. Here, you’ll find traditional stone houses and rural fincas with mountain views, appealing to property buyers who love outdoor activities.

Bunyola and Orient:

Nature Reserves and Artistic Flair
Bunyola is surrounded by nature reserves and offers access to the famous “Serra de Tramuntana.” Orient is a small village with an artistic ambiance. Both places offer unique property options, from country houses to mountain residences, that might interest property buyers.

Montuïri and Porreres:

Mallorca’s Rural Charm
Montuïri and Porreres are other enchanting villages in the center of the island, known for their relaxed atmosphere and Mallorcan charm. Here, you’ll find traditional country houses and renovated farmhouses, interesting for property buyers seeking Mallorca’s rural charm.

The center of Mallorca offers a wealth of authentic experiences and property opportunities, from wine tastings to mountain hiking. With a wide range of property options, from rural fincas to townhouses, this region is perfect for property buyers in the real estate sector who seek tranquility, nature, and tradition.


The West: Dramatic Landscapes and Cultural Riches

The West of Mallorca impresses with breathtaking landscapes, historical heritage, and a cultural richness that enchants every visitor.


Finca Valldemossa Spain
Finca in Valldemossa



Artists’ Paradise and Mediterranean Beauty
Deià is a picturesque village that has attracted artists from around the world. Here, you can find charming villas overlooking the Mediterranean and a unique atmosphere.


Monastery and Chopin
Valldemossa, famous for its Carthusian Monastery, was once the residence of Frédéric Chopin and George Sand. This town offers historical houses and apartments with cultural heritage.

Serra de Tramuntana:

UNESCO World Heritage and Natural Beauty
The Serra de Tramuntana, a UNESCO World Heritage site, offers spectacular mountain landscapes. Here, you can find traditional stone houses and country residences nestled in stunning nature.


Orange Groves and Art Nouveau
Sóller, known for its orange groves and Art Nouveau architecture, offers traditional townhouses and charming properties amidst citrus trees.


‘Spain’s Most Beautiful Village’
Often referred to as ‘Spain’s most beautiful village,’ Fornalutx offers an idyllic setting. Here, you can find historic homes and houses in the traditional Mallorcan style.


Terraced Cultivation and Sea Views
Banyalbufar is known for its terraced cultivation on the hillside slopes and magnificent sea views. This area offers unique property opportunities overlooking the Mediterranean.

The West of Mallorca is a region of unparalleled beauty and cultural wealth. With a wide range of properties, from exclusive harbors to mountain villas, this part of the island offers a variety of opportunities for property buyers.



Having explored the enchanting regions of Mallorca, from luxurious harbors to idyllic mountain villages, we invite you to a concluding note. Mallorca offers not just breathtaking landscapes and diverse culture but also a wide range of property options to suit your lifestyle.

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